Design process: Initial Concept to New Design!

Thought it’d be fun to show a journey of the design for Timecard Pro, from the very first concept, to the final design for Version 2.0 of Timecard Pro.¬† Enjoy!


The very first design concept, that started it all (it was awful, we know!).
Index(sample)(3) .


When the ‘dial’ first appeared, and starting to look more like the final first version of the app.

Tried a version of ‘folders’ as the buttons, but was just too busy.


After a bunch of design tweaks, we finally landed on the final first version of the app.


 Version 1.7 brought a tweaked design throughout the app, including the home page.

And the new design for Version 2.0!
Which went through a handful of design tweaks, but we landed on this design fairly quickly.

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  • Love the new design. Great job on it. I also love using this app it is the best one for time cards I have had or used.

    Clay Reply