It’s here!! It’s finally here!
The calendar addition is ready for you to put it to use.
This update is HUGE, We won’t be able to go over everything that’s been changed and updated, but here’s most of it.

Here’s what’s included inside the new Calendar section:
– All created timecards are displayed on the calendar view
– Ability to edit timecards from the calendar view (including changing the job)
– Ability to add timecards from the calendar view
– Job colors are displayed on dates that have a timecard (blue dot) or a work shift (orange dot).

Work Schedule page (inside Calendar section):
– New Work Schedule page. Add your work shifts, set up reminders, and NEVER forget when you work again.
– Displays all of your work shifts, with a ‘Shift Tag’ under each date. Work shifts are also displayed on the main calendar with a orange dot.

Jobs page overhauled:
– New Job summary added next to each Job.
– Jobs now have colors! This is for use within the calendar section, to easily identify between your jobs. Old jobs will automatically be assigned a random color. To change the color, click the edit button in the bottom right corner, and tap the job you want to edit.
– Add/Edit Job pages are brand new. All settings, info, and overtime settings will be carried over. Overtime is now located inside advanced settings.
– Jobs can now be rearranged. Tap the edit button to rearrange.

– You can now ‘Lunch In’ on multiple clocked in jobs. Previously, you could only go on lunch one at a time.
– Include Money Earned in email report.
– Change hours worked to show as decimal hours.
– After sending an Email Report, a pop-up message will now ask if you’d like to add a new Pay Period. Option added in settings to turn the feature off.
– Timecards now sorted by date.
– Graphics updated for the new iPhone 5 and iPod Touch.
– iOS 6 optimized.
– HUGE speed optimizations. Now twice as fast, especially with large amounts of data.
– Tons and tons of bug fixes and tweaks.

***The app now uses a new way to load data, and is NOT backward compatible with previous versions of the app. Meaning old data CAN be loaded into the new version, but new data can’t be loaded into older versions.

Notes: If you find ANY issues or have any questions, email us at
Thank you! And enjoy the newest version of Timecard Pro.