Timecard Pro v1.7 Released!


New Features/Changes:
– We have rewritten the app from the ground up using all new architecture. The app is now faster, more stable, and expandable.
– New ‘Reports’ page located in the new ‘Extras’ section. Export multiple Pay Periods, regardless of job, all in the same email.
– New export options added (CSV and PDF) available on the reports page.
– When clocking out, you can now have a pop-up ask if you’d like to add notes to that Timecard. Setting located inside the ‘Advanced Settings’ of your Job.
– Mark a Pay Period as PAID. Edit your Pay Period to access feature.
– Multiple emails now allowed in your Jobs Contact Info. Will automatically be added into the ‘To:’ section in your email reports.
– Redesigned Main Page (New drop-down menu, display, dial, and buttons)
– Gross Pay now shown on Calendar view for each timecard.
– Currency Symbol option added under the Main Settings of the app.
– 24-Hour Mode option located in the Main Settings of the app.
– HUGE reduction in app size.
– Updated Icon

– Overtime bug fixed (in some instances, weekly overtime was counting your entire pay period instead of weekly)
– Return button now functions properly on all pages you add Notes.
– If no lunch was taken, it will not be displayed in your Email Report anymore.
– If no contact info inputted, the QuickContact buttons are now deactivated.
– Job now centered on Work Shift view.
– Lots of additional polishing and bugs fixed.

We crave your feedback!

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  • I have your new verizon time pro I bought the invoice option how does it work

    Paul Chiddister Reply